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About The Author

(not that anybody asked)

Come, sit close, listen closer, for I will tell you the tale of Matthieu A.F. Fortier.

Born and raised in southern Vermont, Matthieu found plenty of opportunities to interact with stories in the small state of trees and mountains. As he grew; life, family, and commitment played its part in keeping him in the green state, but within him a desire for a larger world developed, a desire for the narratives that lived within him.

Still in Vermont, Matthieu attended Castleton University for psychological science and western literature, where he learned how integral each one was to the other. He served as an assistant professor in both departments, where he instructed students in developing story elements (characters, plot, theme, dialogue, and style), edited pieces before submission for grading, conducted research to include factual information in stories and essays, and presented drafts for editing in a timely manner.

After graduation, Matthieu went on to work as an instructor and classroom manager supporting high risk students to express themselves through writing and art. He also served as a case manager writing technically on grant and budget requests. During this time, he developed his own creative craft, and continued to work as a freelance editor for local community members.


Now, Matthieu has amassed a small collection of never-before read stories on which he simply desires to have feedback. This propelled the founding of Cingdom Creations, where he hopes to find like-minded story tellers with whom to share ideas.


Matthieu finds inspiration in the form of authors such as Neil Gaiman, Madeline Miller, Piers Anthony, and Douglas Adams. He hopes his own writing will improve to the point that he can consider himself among the noble group known as storytellers.

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