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Arcane Conduit

Wondrous Item (Arcane Device), rare

The Arcane Conduit is a powerful arcane device, crafted over a meticulous six-hour process only by artificers of eighth level or higher with proficiency in both tinkerer's and smith's tools. To do so, this device will require 1,000 gp worth of metal, a lightbulb or a fist-sized crystal, and a liter of flammable liquid such as oil, kerosene, or animal tallow.

Once forged, the Arcane Conduit can be seamlessly attached to a vehicle costing 300 gp or less. Attaching the conduit to a vehicle demands 1 minute of concentrated effort and a successful Intelligence check with a DC of 15. On failure, the process requires an additional minute of concentration and another Intelligence check. If at any point concentration is broken during this process or the intelligence is failed thrice, the Arcane Conduit is broken and rendered unusable. For vehicles above 300 gp, a vehicle can be outfitted with more than one conduit -- requiring an additional conduit for every 350 gp of value rounded up.

When attached to a vehicle, the conduit transforms it into a magical marvel and the vehicle gains the following properties:

Chuga Chuga. The vehicle has a movement speed of 80 ft. on the terrain for which it was designed (a boat gets a swim speed of 80 ft.) as long as no other means of locomotion is concurrently attached (e.g., horses pulling a carriage). It requires an operator within the vehicle with an intelligence of 10 or greater to spend this speed. For vehicles over 300 Gp in value, add 10 ft. for each additional conduit after the first.

Pedal to the Metal. An operator can use their action to dash with the vehicle. Doing this accrues one wear & tear charge to every attached conduit. It takes one hour of concentrated effort with tinkerer’s tools to remove 1 wear & tear charge from a single conduit. Once an arcane conduit accrues five wear & tear charges it breaks and becomes unusable.

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