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Chapter 1, The Cognic Forest

Updated: Mar 5

Hello All!

Lately, I have found myself creatively drained. I have not been as active on social media, nor have I been particularly active in my google drive working on my various writing projects.

I found myself bogged down by a sense of despair, despair that I might not actually amount to much in the TTRPG community - or as a writer at all. I struggled with this feeling for some weeks until I had an experience that changed the paradigm of my goals.

Without disclosing too much, I had a difficult time recently - the kind that draws tears from the deepest folds of the brain and makes one feel like a child who knew not the scope of how difficult life can really be.

This experience left me stunned, and I sought an outlet, a respite from this particular struggle. For me, that outlet was writing. I used the power of storytelling to heal - at least a little - and decided that sometimes creativity need not come from a desire to grow as an artist, but for the sake of creativity itself.

I wrote a draft of the first chapter of my Adventurer's Guide to Cognia, and with it explored a little bit of this world I would like to explore more myself, a world where you can confront the forces of despair with a sword and declare that, by your wit and strength, it may no longer hold you hostage!

I hope people enjoy this, and I hope to collect some feedback on how future chapters can be crafted.

Bellow is a downloadable pdf of the first chapter, it's free!

Thank you for indulging my rant here.

and I wish you all a life full of health and play!

Matthieu A.F. Fortier

Cognia Ch 1
Download PDF • 2.00MB

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