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Existentia Null, The Sudden Death

“I am a timeless horror known as ‘The Sudden Death’ for how I slay my foes. There is never a dramatic spray of blood, nor a harrowing scream. All who oppose me simply cease to be. They are stricken down all at once like a star in the sky snuffed out by the passage of time between one instance and the next.

“All what remains are memories and the notion that the life that came before them must have borne no meaning at all.”

Existentia is a reclusive, but powerful Cognic entity for which there is no equal in this world or the next. He is the first sentient native of Cognia and the one and only true dragon to reside there. His origins are steeped in magic, and there is no natural evidence that can account for his existence. Even myths speak of him sparingly and in prose so dense with abstract liberties it is unclear that he exists at all – and this is the effect he prefers.

Existentia is known by no one, and there is not a single living creature in Cognia that can claim to have seen him in his draconic form. But, his existence is implied by that ever present voice in the hearts and souls of those who suffer. He is the voice, the call of the void, that beckons people to their deaths – that calls them there can be no other way. 

He is not a persuasive malignant that drives people to fault, not like depression or fear. He is an undeniable truth that needs no persuasion, a feeling one cannot escape nor avoid. He is the sense, in the pitch of night, that all you are, have been, and will be can never truly matter. He need not hunt for his victims, they simply arrive before him, victims of the only undeniable certainty: "you are a whole, complete world in your own right, a vivid symphony of existence observing itself, and; some day, you will not be”.

The Call of the Void

All planes and worlds have gods of death, and Cognia has Existentia, the archetype of meaninglessness. Unlike most deities of death, existentia craves not the grotesque decay of flesh, nor the crackling energy of souls. He considers himself a force of nature – a title he most certainly deserves. He is haunted by the whoes of the peoples of a  million worlds. People who find themselves in an indifferent multiverse fighting for meaning – demanding it like a dog demanding food where there is none – are a crashing wave that ripples through the astral sea upon Existentia’s senses. For this reason, he craves only the quiet that comes with death, a return of those living, fumbling things into what they had always been since the dawn of time, nothing.

Existentia refers to himself as The Sudden Death. He takes this name from those who have uttered it in the moment before their demise. He comes to those who shout the loudest against the void – the most hopeful and joyous among us. He finds them in old age, in combat, in sickness and grief, or anywhere one searches for meaning. He presents himself as a harbinger of the truth and beckons them to join him where there is no more pain or suffering. He beckons them to shed their mortal coils and finally be silent. He does this to creatures of Cognia as well as those from extra-cognic planes, for all sentient things seek meaning, and; therefore, defy him and his peace. 

Walking Among Humanoids

Though there is nobody who can attest to this, Existentia Null sometimes walks among the mortals of Cognia. When he does, he takes the form of an obsidian-black Homunkulok named Xeter (ZAY-tur) Molaki (Mole-AH-key) and presents as a powerful warlock under the patronage of his own draconic form. Xeter prefers the

company of simple creatures, those that do not seek meaning but; instead, go about their lives with no need to define purpose to their actions beyond the fidelity of self. He has no need to dispose of such creatures because they are silent of mind and soul.

The last time Xeter walked the lands of Cognia, he conducted a terrible campaign against the native wrathawaries and homunkulok. At the time, these species were in their infancy of their natural history and had only just developed abstract thought. This led to their search for meaning and; thusly, a disruption to Xeter’s peace. He made quick work of the two factions and ripped Cognia asunder causing the formation of Suffwreck Mountain in the process. Myths from that time speak of a powerful warlock that, having spent so much energy fighting the young residents of Cognia, had to return to his domain deep in the dark, empty core of Cognia to recover. These same myths speak of a powerful artifact forged by the wisened homukulok wizard, Juwreel Yent and the ancient, awakened Rema Tema, Ulthwable Consorga. This artifact, The Valere (VAL-air-ee) Scroll, is said to “Contain the essence of those who wished to die fighting than live frightened”.

A Skulking Slumber 

Today, Existentia slumbers deep, deep under the surface of Cognia. This realm of vanta darkness and cold, apathetic stone is where he has always resided since time immemorial. To some, this is the proof that Cognia, the planet, is the shell of what was once the powerful dragon’s egg. He rests there now, recovering from his encounter with the Valere Scroll, nursing a peculiar scar just above his heart that changed his obsidian flesh into a prismatic wound of glittering and swirling color. 

As he rests, he plots. He will rise again to silence the meaning seekers. This time; however, he will have more than an infant Cognia to wipe away, he will have a whole multiverse of dreamers and hopefuls to excise.

At the Core

Existentia’s lair is the dark, empty core of the world on which Cognia is a continent where he rests when wounded and -- it is thought -- where he was hatched with Cognia being his massive dragon's egg of unknown origin. 

While within his lair, existentia mutes all noise and any attempts to communicate with sound or otherwise make any noise are hindered and automatically fail. Creatures within existentia's lair hear the figment of a voice, barely audible, that says to them "what does it matter?"

Once per round, existentia can choose from the following lair actions. 

  • As a lair action (reaction), existentia can heal himself for 6d20 + 60 hit points after he is hit by another creature's attack. 

  • As a lair action at the end another creature's turn, existentia forces the crushing weight at the core of the planet Cognia to fall on a target he can see within 60 ft. of himself. This target makes a DC 25 strength save or has their wisdom reduced by 1 for 1d20 days. If a creature's wisdom is reduced to zero in this way, they immediately fall to zero hit points and are unable to gain temporary hit points or regain hit points for the next hour.

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