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Garlic Scape Band

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

(Wondrous Item)

Wristband - 100 gp - .25 lbs

Simply woven and infused with the divine essence of morning sunlight, the Garlic Scape Band smells strongly of garlic and is a testament to the radiant power of the Morninglord. Crafted from a unique garlic bulb that flourished in the sacred grounds of a Morninglord temple or was blessed by a devoted priest, this unassuming band carries potent magical properties against the creatures of the night.


  1. Lycanthropic Precision: When worn, the Garlic Scape Band enhances the wearer's combat prowess against lycanthropes. The band provides a +1 bonus to attack rolls made specifically to strike a blow against these shape-shifting adversaries.

  2. Strahd’s Blindspot: When this band is worn by a creature in Barovia, it grants the wearer freedom from Strahd’s omnipresent insight, making him unable to track them or their actions throughout Barovia. When a creature Strahd knew previously to be alive equips the band, he assumes they have since died unless, or until, he sees them wearing the band.

  3. Cloves of Influence: Embedded within the Garlic Scape Band are three enchanted cloves, each holding a measure of the Morninglord's blessing. As an attuned creature faces the challenges of lycanthropic conflict, they can expend a clove to manipulate fate. The following options are available:

    • Advantage: Spend a clove to gain advantage on a single roll made in conflict with a lycanthrope, increasing the likelihood of success.

    • Disadvantage: Alternatively, spend a clove to impose disadvantage on a roll made by a lycanthrope, hindering their actions and turning the tide in your favor.

  4. Withering Conclusion: As the last clove is spent, the Garlic Scape Band completes its divine purpose and begins to wither away. The band dissolves into a faint, fragrant memory, leaving behind only the residue of its potent magic.

Embrace the essence of the Morninglord with the Garlic Scape Band and stand resolute against the creatures of darkness, armed with the radiant power of garlic and the divine blessings of the dawn. But, be warned, the lycanthrope’s keen sense of smell might grant them the ability to lock onto any creature they know to be wearing it.

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