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Haberous Artifacts

Haberous Shield 

(Armor, rare, requires attunement by a good aligned creature)

Shield - 5,000 gp - 5 lbs - hope forged

“We cannot protect others, if we don’t also protect ourselves.”

The face of this simple shield appears as a circular slab of wood with a spiraling pattern at its center. It seems to be carved from a dense, old tree. Upon closer inspection, the spiraling pattern reveals the shield is adorned with the feathers of a Habewreath – a noble and rare symbol of hope. It gives off a blue, magical aura that invokes a gentle feeling of safety and protection to those near it.

Creatures attuned to this shield benefit from the +2 to AC as provided by most shields and are resistant to damage from the court of despair. 

As a bonus action, this shield can be summoned to the creature to whom it is attuned. 

When a creature attuned to a Haberous Shield is prone or unconscious, the shield magically moves to impose disadvantage to attacks that would hit the shield's owner.

Haberous Amulet 

(Wonderous Item, Very rare, requires attunement by an oneironaut)

Necklace - 2,000 gp - .5 lbs - hope forged

“This world will test you. It will seek to take from you the most precious parts of your soul. When it tries, may hope see you through, may hope turn your struggles to strength.”

-- Haber 

This necklace is simple in design - a series of blue, iridescent feathers and marble secured to a thin, delicate chain. Wearing it feels comforting like a dream catcher around the neck that stems the tide of doubt, fear, and despair. This is only provided as a gift by Haber to his most notable students.

Oneironauts who wield a haberous shield and this amulet gain the following benefits: When you are hit by damage from the court of despair, you may add the damage taken to your next damage roll and you gain a temporary Hope Dice.

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