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“If you’ve angered them, stay away from tall buildings and trees. And, if you must go to such places, always look up.”

The lemmingo, a fearsome beast, is a crazed combination of rage and spikes. Evolved amidst treacherous habitats where death was everywhere, these creatures developed sharp spines and a merciless attitude. Individually, lemmingo amount to little more than annoying pests, their diminutive size belying their potential for chaos. People who find one or two in their homes quickly learn how they got their names, for picking one up is sure to be met with painful pin pricks – the creature’s way of saying ‘let me go’.

Covered in a dense array of razor-sharp spikes, these creatures are equipped with a natural armor that is a necessity for survival among tiny creatures. This spiky exterior serves as both a means of defense and offense, allowing them to poke and bite at creatures much larger than themselves without mercy. Despite their small size, lemmingo are fueled by an innate anger, and they are always eager to engage in combat. 


Encountering a group of lemmingo in the wild is a daunting prospect, as their collective aggression and spiky defenses make them a formidable force to be reckoned with. A group of Lemmingo has come to be called a Lemmingatem, and some peculiar things happen when one forms. 

Firstly, their thirst for combat compounds and grows for every member of the lemmingatem. They move away from the desire for self preservation and towards a desire for the death to their enemies – often invoking the latter with complete disregard for the former. It is said that to avoid the wrath of a lemmingatem, one must stay away from tall buildings and cliffs. This is because a lemmingatem will not hesitate to hurl themselves from great heights down on a creature they want dead -- often killing themselves in the process. 

Secondly, a lemmingatem develops the ability to hold a grudge. Where a single Lemmingo does not possess the brain power to carry the information required for a grudge, a lemmingatem somehow manages to follow the subject of their rage and – even after losing them – track them down. It is unclear how the swarm manages this feat, but many stories are told of the sorts of things that anger it – notably taking from the swarm’s cache of food or stepping on one of the single members of the swarm. 

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