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Lumber Clogs

Wondrous Item (any boots), rare (Requires attunement)

The Lumber Clogs, carved from the magical wooden flesh of a Lumbeque, not only enhance your speed and agility but also connect you to the untamed spirit of the majestic Lumbeque. Whether traversing rugged landscapes or swiftly maneuvering in the thick of battle, these boots are a cherished possession for any adventurer seeking the enduring power and grace of the enchanted forest.

Carved from the enchanted wooden flesh of a Lumbeque, these Lumber Clogs are a testament to the fusion of nature's magic and masterful craftsmanship. Once attuned to these remarkable boots, you gain the following benefits:

Timber Tempo. Your base walking speed increases to match that of a galloping horse, allowing you to add 20 ft. to your speed.

Woodland Reflexes. You gain advantage on Dexterity saving throws and Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks while in a forest or field. You may also, as a reaction, use the Rear Kick action from the lumbeque statblock. You can do this an amount of times equal to your proficiency bonus before needing a long rest.

Lumbeque's Echo. You can invoke with the spirit of the Lumbeque. For 1 hour, you can speak to Lumbeque and other equine creatures. After activating this ability, it cannot be used again until after your next long rest.

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