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Monarch’s Flowers

No loss weighs heavier on the conscious of the living than those that could have been prevented. This is true especially of our monarchs who – with all their power – could have helped the many unfortunate among their peoples. These same monarchs that become Cariboquet after death are given an opportunity to atone for these losses in the form of their Monarch’s Flowers that grow atop their antlers.

Monarch’s flowers can be collected in a group of three. Bouquets formed in this way are held together by their stems and never wither – but are otherwise indistinguishable from ordinary flowers save for when they are glowing.

Monarch’s flowers will glow at unpredictable times. When they do, only one of the three will and can glow at once. By viewing the glowing flower relative to the other two, the bouquet can function like a compass with which flower glowing among the three changing based on their orientation to some unknown destination.

 Piteous Pedals. Monarch’s Flowers glow whenever a good aligned or unaligned creature within one (1) mile is distressed as a function of an evil creature’s actions (a beast master abusing an animal, a king striking a slave, a parent abandoning a child). The flower nearest the creature glows – changing as the orientation of the bouquet rotates – and effectively guides whoever wields it to the distressed creature’s location. 

The flowers lead whoever will follow through the most direct and accessible path available without significantly slowing their journey. This is to say, for example, it will suggest a route towards a city gate as opposed to over its walls, but also across a raging river where no bridge exists if the nearest bridge is a week’s trip up stream. The nature of what will be found is indiscernible unless Scrying is cast on the flowers. Otherwise, the flowers cease to glow once the good or unaligned creature is seen.  

If there is more than one creature in distress within the flowers’ range, the flowers pick one at random. Once a creature the flower’s identify is rescued or otherwise have their distress relieved, the flowers glow again at random until all the distressed creatures are rescued.

Withering. A bouquet of Monarch’s Flowers wither away and turn to mundane flora if three targets are ignored or if the Cariboquet that shed its constituent flowers dies. This same Caribouquet – while alive – is always aware of the nature of the actions taken by the creature who wields its flower’s. It can, as an action, command the flowers to wither at its discretion – especially if the creature in question engages in evil actions towards another.

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