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Sentient Sword

(Weapon, Very Rare, requires attunement)

Any Sword - 500,000 gp - 1d8 + 2 slashing (versatile, see Material List) - .5 lbs

It is known that creatures, in the face of danger, enter a sort of fight or flight mode where they must decide whether they’re better off running away or standing their ground – it is a powerful consequence of evolution that we may be so prepared for trouble as it ebbs and flows. But, no creature is more prepared for combat than the sentient sword! While it is unclear whether this peculiar thing should be categorized as a wondrous item or a magical creature, one thing is clear, when it is pitted against violent foes or merciless predators, it alone enters into an elegant fight and flight response!

Sentient Swords are fascinating specimens of magic’s whimsical potential, and are the product of a peculiar marriage of magic – that being by the combined efforts of an artificer and a druid (or a sufficiently powerful individual with levels in both classes). Each one imbues the sentient sword with the power of steel and the gift of soul respectively. Historically, sentient swords have been created at Emerald Castle College of the Emerald Folds in Creaton’s Kingdom, but the practice has spread and many Sentient Swords have been crafted by amateurs and academics unrelated to the college. Typically crafted for high ranking military men, these swords go on to join their masters in battle – giving them an edge against foes who fight with mundane weapons alone. 

As years have gone by and these masters have fallen in combat or died by old age, Sentient Swords with no masters have migrated bast the boundaries of battlefields and cities – becoming more like wild animals. This is a peculiar and unexpected development and more research will be required by the battle smiths at Emerald Castle College – but this is easier said than done. Of the many things we are learning about Sentient Swords two stand out as the most interesting. 

Firstly, wild Sentient Swords, unlike when they were first produced, do not idly follow orders. Somehow they have developed a sort of social awareness and will only allow warriors of their choosing to attune to them. Often these are kind-hearted warriors who have committed legendary acts in the service of others! Secondly, it can be difficult to try and befriend a single Sentient Sword as they prefer to gather in flocks. These flocks are a literal whirlwind of blades that move together as a swarm and are particularly dangerous when agitated. Flocks tend to gather in old forests and hang from their wings under branches like bats might hang from caves. This is called in the nomenclature “a chandelier” in the same way a flock of crows may be called “a murder”. 

Like a wondrous item, Sentient Swords require attunement by those who wish to fight with them…or alongside them as seems to be the case. They require proficiency with the weapon type (any sword) and attunement as normal – though the ritual for doing so with one of these can be more like a training session with a hound or beast of burden. Once attuned, it begins to fly directly alongside its new master with a mischievous – almost child-like – attitude, but can be commanded to wrap itself in its wings and cling to one’s belt to resemble a sheathed sword!

Like a creature, the Sentient sword acts on its own initiative immediately after that of the creature to whom it is attuned. It can be targeted like any other creature, except when it is being wielded in one or both hands by its master – during which it is treated like a mundane sword. The Sentient Sword is defined by the included statblock.

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