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Terrible Terrain Treads

Wondrous Item (Arcane Device), rare

These intricately crafted treads are a marvel of both engineering and magic, designed to transform any mundane vehicle into a marvel capable of traversing the most treacherous terrains. Fashioned from finely worked steel and adorned with enchantments, the Terrible Terrain Treads are a boon for adventurers seeking to conquer the wilderness.

Crafted through a meticulous six-hour process, these treads can only be crafted by an artificer of eighth level or higher, with an intelligence score of 18 or greater, and with proficiency in both tinkerer's and smith's tools. The crafting process requires 1,000 gp worth of metal and a dozen magical bolts.

Once built the treads can be secured to a vehicle costing 1,000 gp or less and with three or fewer arcane conduits. The treads require a dedicated conduit, meaning the conduit that fuels the treads cannot power a vehicle's movement or another arcane device.

The attachment process is intricate, requiring 1 minute of concentrated effort and a successful Intelligence check DC of 18. Failure demands an additional minute of concentration and another Intelligence check. If concentration is broken or the check fails three times, the treads are rendered irreparably damaged and the components are lost.

When successfully attached to a vehicle, these treads grant the equipped vehicle unparalleled mobility over challenging landscapes. Whether navigating through dense forests, scaling steep mountains, or traversing swamps, these treads provide a smooth and stable ride. The arcane energies coursing through the treads create a temporary barrier around the vehicle, shielding it from the adverse effects of difficult terrains such as thick underbrush or uneven ground.

Furthermore, the treads allow the driver to attune to the surrounding environment, gaining advantage on any Dexterity saving throws related to avoiding hazards or obstacles while driving the modified vehicle.

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