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The Noddler


These ferocious creatures are certainly the product of some strange experimentation. It’s unclear who would create such a thing, or why, but what is obvious is they were sociopathic. The noddler is a sick hybrid of shark and bear with the combined strength of both. Able to walk on land, climb trees, and breath underwater, the noddler is a threat that must be taken head on for there is no way to escape it.

Gentle Giant. Despite its violent nature and frightening appearance, a noddler is a calm creature when unprovoked. Stories are told of encounters with the beast, some from afar and some from aclose, that tell only of a creature that wanted to be left alone and wandered off after delivering a single roar in warning. Some have speculated that the noddler is only violent when it or its eggs are threatened, but this is unconfirmed since nobody has ever spotted a noddler nest but many have spotted a violent noddler.

Friend or Foe. The noddler is a simple creature. Its origins are a mystery but the beast itself seems straightforward. It is only ever spotted eating or sleeping. This simplicity has convinced some brave adventurers to try and barter with the creature, to trade food for domestication, and it’s worked! Adventurers who have done as much have found the noddler to be a powerful ally, but – more interestingly – to be a friendly companion. Wild noddler, as if wandering through life seeking purpose, meaning, or just some peace in the wake of its pre-ordained lust for violence, only eat and sleep, but befriended, domesticated noddler play! To befriend one is an exercise in bravery, but also responsibility for the great power of the noddler does not wane as it is domesticated and one must know when to unleash such power against their foes and when to restrain it. 

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