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The Treble Maker

“You’ve only got one life and six strings to make a difference.”

It is said that devils play flashy tunes upon fiddles and the gods play delicate melodies from harps, but heroes, they rock! They unleash chords of great power from mighty stringed things called guitars and the Treble Maker is one such instrument.

Forged from red-hot stones cured in hellfire and strung with the finest angel’s hairs, the Treble Maker was crafted by the goddess of rock, Zeplina, at the dawn of the third age of humankind when the world was accosted by Theamahn who sought to consume the beautiful sounds of the world. The radical tunes of the Treble Maker were enough to overwhelm and  cast away the miserable monster, but not enough to destroy it. Zeplina, she discovered, could not wield her own creation to its greatest potential for she lacked a spark, she lacked one thing that no divine creature could even feign, mortality. 

As it turns out, great music can only come from those fleeting creatures who, by virtue of their transient nature, rock as if they may never rock again! They rock to enrich what little time they have left that they may not go silently into the night. Only a hero with the desire to change the world – and their limited time to do it – can shred from the silence the kind of rocking music that will do so! For this reason, Zeplina sends heroes of every generation to collect the instrument until the day one is found who will take it up against Theamahn who lay restrained in the silent sky beyond the clouds where he slowly builds himself anew on the passing thrum of exploding stars.

The Treble Maker can be wieldied only by a bard of level 20 and chaotic good alignment that is proficient with musical instruments. It is defined by the following features and properties.

(Weapon & instrument, Unique Legendary Artifact, requires attunement)

Any axe / Arcane Guitar - 5,000,000 gp - 1d12 + 2 slashing -  15 lbs

Battle Music. This magic axe grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. As a magical instrument it grants a +3 bonus to ability checks made to perform with it.

The Show Must Go On. While attuned to the Treble Maker, any time you would be reduced to zero hit points you are instead reduced to one (1) hit point and become immune to damage until the end of your next turn, at which point one of the guitar’s six (6) strings snaps on the guitar. You can do this an amount of time equal to the number of intact strings. When the Treble Maker has zero (0) intact strings, it must be returned to Zeplina who is the only one that can restring it.

Legendary Performance. As an action, you strum a rocking solo and grant a creature you choose that can hear you, including yourself, a Rocking Inspiration – 1d20 the target can add to any ability check or saving throw – at which point two (2) of the guitar’s strings snap. You cannot use this action if you don’t have at least two (2) strings remaining.

Air Guitar. Attempts made to rock while the guitar’s six (6) strings are snapped still produce magnificent music. As an action, you can feign the act of playing the guitar to mute all sound within a one (1) mile radius of yourself. This effect holds for as long as you maintain concentration to do so.

One Last Show. The Treble Maker can be destroyed by playing it at Zeplina’s amphitheater, at which point all intact strings break and it falls apart into a pile of stone. 

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