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The Venerable Habewreath

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

For all the monsters, and their vile appetites, Cognia is certainly a setting characterized largely by the woe, strife, and struggle to be had there. It is for this reason that life so often feels cursed by the same maladies. But, also like life, Cognia is a place where great powers can be found: the power of good, the power of change, the power of hope.

High in the Cumulosphere, where the whims of oneironauts and fey artists are crafted into clouds, from where the warm summer rains descend to water the Wyrld Treighs below, there exists a breed of Cognic creatures defined not by their lust for suffering, but by their compassion, their prerogative to care.

The most dedicated agent of this power is The Venerable Haberwreath, itself a font of hope from which all other creatures may draw.

Grand and Wise

A Habewreath is a grand, blue phoenix-like creature that resembles a giant owl. Its wings and tail are composed of sky-blue feathers that function like leaves from trees. That is, like leaves take in light to convert to sugars, a Habewreath’s feathers are always working to take in negative affect and turn it into hopeful energy - which it then uses to fuel its magic.

Its brow is adorned with two, mighty antlers that serve to collect and process information about the nature of things around it. Using them, the Habewreath is wise to many things unknown to the rest of us by way of a passive ability similar to detect magic or detect good and evil. Adventurers and Oneironaughtic scholars who have interacted with a habewreath find it to be knowledgeable of not only their intent, but their history and things not ever shared with anybody else. It is thought to be impossible to lie to a habewreath that is not otherwise ailed by the effects of some strange or powerful magic.

Creatures with a Cause

Habewreaths believe that there is no barrier between the state of a creature’s life and a state of joy and peace that cannot be overcome - though they recognize the effort necessary at times to do so. A habewreath’s role in the ecology of Cognia is to live high up in the cumulosphere and foster the hope and courage that life - despite its woes - can be fundamentally good!

In Cognia, this is experienced as the summer rains that fall over cognia to feed and fuel the organic processes below. This rain not only waters the world trees and quenches the thirst of all other cognic benefactors, but it also dilutes the suffocating tar of The Choking Depths - effectively weakening its efficacy as a source of power for Rahgnithaur and Frighders.

Habewreaths produce this rain by a cycle of reflection and action. In their reflective days, a habewreath soars perfectly still in the sky save for its gentle flight - which allows the clouds to build around it and the condensation to accrue over its feathers. Then, in a burst of hopeful action, the habewreath strikes its wings and rockets over the Cognia, releasing the dew from its feathers in a powerful torrent of warm, comfortable rain.

In meatspace, this act by the habewreath is experienced as a surge of hope, the feeling that ‘I got this’ in the face of hardship - which itself is a consequence of that individual’s world treigh being well watered by the rain.

Seeking out a Habewreath

All beings, both oneironauts and agents of Desper, have sought the power of a haberwreath - either by mentorship or corruption respectively - often to no avail.

One legend speaks of a successful venture by Haber to consult The Venerable Habewreath of The Valley Endless. In this tale, Haber reports to have suffered an attack by every negative force Cognia and Desper could produce only for the ancient habewreath to reply to his inquiry regarding the path to hope with but one line:

“your final step on the path to hope, was made on your first step on the path to me.”

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