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Wand of False Disintegration 

A wizard cast a powerful blue energy from his wand to a massive green orc

(Wonderous item, Very Rare) - 10,000 gp - .5 lbs

This finely crafted wand is carved from petrified oak with a blink dog's whisker at its core. Such a magical item can only be crafted by paragons of the art of wizardry, and requires an entanglement between the wand and a portable hole. 

As an action, whoever wields the wand can point it at any freestanding target smaller than 6 ft. by 10 ft. (anything not permanently secured or otherwise incorporated into something larger than that size) within 60 ft. and speak the wand's command word. Once invoked in this way, the target is struck by magical lightning and disappears – teleported into the pocket dimension of the portable hole. 

Without preexisting insight into the function of the wand, teleported targets appear to have been disintegrated and any creatures 'disintegrated' in this way are presumed dead. A DC 30 investigation or arcana reveals the function of the wand and that there is a portable hole within which the wand's target can be found. The DC for this check can be reduced by 1 for every observation of the wand's use on a living creature. 

Any target that would not fit in the portable hole – either due to its size or insufficient remaining space in the hole – simply sparks, and any creatures within 15 ft. of the target make a DC 14 dex save or take 1d8 + 4 lightning damage.

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