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Water Wolvers

In the ancient territory of Mish Again, to the west of the Creaton Kingdom, two legendary creatures known as the Water Wolvers dwell. Each residing in a different peninsula, these creatures, named "Fjellfrost" and "Veilfrab," are collectively known as "the Sodden Brothers". Rarely seen in the mortal realm, these creatures spend most of their time in the feywilds, feasting on exotic fruits and prey.

Despite their elusive nature, tales speak of the Water Wolvers' ability to purify the waters of their peninsulas, following the rains to cleanse lakes, rivers, and ponds. Legends also tell of their immense power, capable of creating massive tsunamis that skeptics often dismiss as mere folklore.

Wolverines and Kings

In his first incarnation, King Tholodar Mish was a ruthless monarch with ambitions to bend the earth and water to his will. He sought power and control over the waters of Mish Again and hunted the Water Wolvers of the land’s great peninsulas to near extinction, knowing components from their bodies held the key to creating Shape Water gems, gems that granted ship captains the ability to control water.

Legend has it that the two Water Wolvers known as the Sodden Brothers, Fjellfrost, and Veilfrab, are thought to be the last of their kind. Their survival is attributed to a fey sailor who sympathized with their plight and granted them their magical powers as a final act of defiance against King Mish. This sailor, whose name has been lost to time, wished to see the Water Wolver species live on in some way and, if possible, take revenge on King Mish, who had found a way to live again after death.

Fjellfrost, the Water Wolver of the western peninsula, Lake Feast, and Veilfrab, the Water Wolver of the eastern peninsula, Scrap Shallows, are said to hold sway over the waters and the weather. Legends speak of an ancient prophecy foretelling the Sodden Brothers' wrath where – in the end of days – they will rush the shores in the form of raging, sloshing waves to flood and carry away all the industry and factories King Mish has built over his unnaturally long life.

King Tholodar Mish’s second life and kingship has led to the development of industry and factories along the peninsulas, much to the displeasure of the Sodden Brothers. Modern attempts to exploit the resources of the peninsulas by King Tholodar Mish have often met with disaster. Industrial boats and mineral rigs that ventured too close were pulled deep into the waters, never to resurface and pirates seeking to salvage these wrecks were met with the same fate. 

Magical Origins

In ancient times, when water elementals roamed the lands and seas more freely, their remains were sometimes left behind after battles with King Mish’s industry guard. Normal wolverines, known for their curiosity and adaptability, would occasionally come across these remains and, out of thirst or mere chance, drink the water left behind and; therefore, the residual magical essence left within.

The magical properties of the water elementals' gradually transformed the wolverines, imbuing them with some of the elemental's powers. Their fur would take on a shimmering quality, and their bodies would become more fluid, allowing them to move through water with ease. Over time, these transformed wolverines into proper water wolvers.

Unlike their more powerful counterparts, Fjellfrost and Veilfrab, these mundane water wolvers did not possess the same range of abilities or the sheer magical potency of the Sodden Brothers. Nonetheless, they were still formidable creatures, able to navigate underwater environments with agility and hunt for prey with surprising stealth. They are a reminder of a time when magic was more prevalent in the world, and modern industry had yet corrupted the land. 

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