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Hatefire Maul

Updated: Feb 1

(Weapon, rare, requires attunement from a barbarian)

Maul - 5,000 gp - 2d6 bludgeoning (Heavy, Two-handed) - 10 lbs  - rage forged

“Go violently into the night!”

This maul was forged in the hot magma of Wrathkan where the skull of a rahgnithaur was anchored and fused to a boulder of Wralleth flesh.

If a barbarian attuned to this weapon can cast spells, they can cast any cantrips available to them that deal damage as a reaction when another creature makes an attack while the barbarian is raging. Any barbarian wielding this maul can also choose from the fire bolt and Ray of Frost cantrips. Ray of Frost used in this way sends a harrowing ray of fire and sticky tar instead of “a frigid beam of blue-white” and deals fire damage instead of cold damage.

Cursed. Any creature not attuned to this maul is immediately thrusts into an unending anger and become enraged upon touching it. Enraged creatures -- different from a raging creature -- take half the damage they deal and are compelled to attack anything that moves (including friendly creatures) and to keep the maul in their possession at any cost.

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