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Updated: Apr 7

The wergler is a carrion bird that feasts primarily on Desilopods and other small creatures of the cognic court of despair, but is not above eating anything that has fallen dead in the dirt. These beasts have long, fleshy necks that can stretch to incredible lengths at equally incredible speeds, turning a normal peck into a concussive shot like a bolt from a bow. 

These small  birds tend to surround their prey – often bigger than themselves – in large numbers and wear it down by a death of a thousand strikes. It is the nature of a wergler flock to be unrelenting and – in this way – they do not stop when a creature is down and dying. Instead, a wergler flock will ensure that their prey become carrion by striking at unconscious foes well after they’ve lost the energy to fight back.

On many occasions, werglers have been observed accompanying other, more dangerous predators of cognia – circling the skies above what they are sure will become a bloody, fleshy battlefield. When they do this, werglers like to swoop in at the last second and take a beak shot against creature’s on the verge of death, and; hopefully, more such attacks after they fall – like soldiers confirming the kill!

The ability, Kill Confirmed, was created by Peter Wheeler at Regulus! Thanks for the inspiration!

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