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Giants of Wrathkan that can be found nowhere else, the Wralleth is a formidable creature of stone and hatefire. Wralleth swim and stir the lava of the ancient volcano with their long and slow movements. This never ending churning prevents the formation of the skin of stone that would otherwise develop on its surface and keeps the temperatures within wrathkan high. This, in turn, maintains a constant curtain of soot that showers over the rest of cognia, sometimes burning what it lands on, sometimes introducing rare and necessary nutrients to the ecosystem. Cognic natives such as the Homunkulok and wrathawaries have come to regard these dangerous beasts as the Seething Spirits.

Hattis’ Craft

The wralleth represent one of the few creatures Desper could not tame. As much as folks would like to believe this was because he was unable to domesticate something so elegant and necessary to Cognia’s ecosystem, the truth is he was persuaded against it. After the Mentismal Mergence, Hattis sought the means to continue his craft, weaponsmithing, which lead him to the volcano. 

During their war with the Wrathawaries and subsequent mining operations to tap into the hot core of the volcano, Hattis and Desper discovered the massive Wralleth. Both were smitten with the raw demonstration of power and Desper quickly ordered one to be ripped from the lava and studied. It was only after an ancient specimen was removed from Wrathkan did Hattis notice something that sunk his heart, the volcano’s heat dropped. The work was done and it was too late to correct this, but Hattis sold Desper on the need to protect the Wralleth for their role in keeping the volcano lava churned and temperate and; therefore, capable of melting and forging components for weapons. Desper agreed, but not before ordering Hattis to mutilate the already dead Wralleth’s stone flesh and lava-blood into an airship of massive proportions, The Behemoth’s Fury.

A Giant God

The wrathawaries that are native to the lands around and under Wrathkan have many myths regarding the Wralleth. Some tell of an ancient wralleth that was born into a cold world where some creatures thrived, but the Wralleth and Wrathawary could not – an unfair and unjust world. It is said that; in a fit of righteous rage, the wralleth defied the cold and forged in its angry heart the fire to warm the land! It is said this wralleth’s flesh rose to form the mountain of Wrathkan, and its blood poured out as its lava.

Some of the wrathawaries that serve Hattis do so because they believe Hattis is an ally of the Wralleth. They are unaware he simply exploits the creature’s for how they can serve him. Others do so out of fear that Hattis will wield the power of the wralleth against them, believing that the weapons he forges are given to him by the giant beasts. But, there are others, older ones, who do so simply as a practice in patience. These wrathawaries believe the ancient wralleth – the one that is Wrathkan Mountain – will soon rise and in a fit of rage that will shake the world, swallow Hattis and his master. These wrathawaries are known collectively as The Molten Many and they work in ways that sometimes support and sometimes defy desper.

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