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Sloth Race

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Sloth Race Details

It is in the calmest valleys - where the breeze is cool and the weather is predictable - that one will almost always find a sloth. Many folk - good or evil - can speak to memories of sloth allies. Sloths tend to wander in their youth - lumbering through villages and cities, like a bobber tossed by the whims of water - until they settle down in one location. It is there that they will choose to spend the rest of their years. If a sloth is compelled to travel or adventure, it is because the opportunity to do so just seemed like the right thing to do in that moment, and continued to seem like the right thing to do all along the way.

Sloths tend to pair with others of their race, but never fail to find friendships in members of any individual who happened to strike their fancy in a given moment. Sloths remember those who've been good to them, and are loyal to those with similar values.

Ranch Hands

Sloths possess the most patient demeanor among creatures of similar size. This nonchalant attitude, paired with their immense stature, lends itself to work as laborers. Upon meeting a sloth, most folk might think to hire one would be an exercise in productivity loss. If your ranch hand; however, moves twice as slow, but can move three times as much, they are actually capable of more productivity than most others.

The slow (painfully slow) conversations with sloths might convince faster paced folk that they are dumb creatures, but the reality is that their intelligence is on par with any other race that walks on two feet and learns skills. This does not mean that sloths are meant for careers as thinkers, as they tend not to plan terribly far in the future, and consider only what they deem to be right in that moment. A sloth politician is likely to vote one way on a Monday, and completely differently - on the same subject - on a Wednesday, simply because they were convinced of it at dinner on Tuesday.

Symbiosis Titan

Because sloths move so slowly, their fur is vibrant with a microbiome of fungus and bacteria that would easily wash off quicker moving races.


Sloths are often assigned a birth name by their parents. These names are usually one syllable that ends in a consonant or two syllables that end in a vowel.

Sloths will only develop a surname, if another sloth with a similar birth name lives near them. Surnames are usually a single letter or sound.

Birth names: Kora, Miro, Bily, Huk, Pel, Sip

Surnames: O, P, L, M


Sloths - regardless of location - share several traits with one another (apart from pathologies)

Ability Score Modifications: decrease dexterity by 2, and increase both strength and constitution by 2.

Age: Sloths reach adulthood in their early teens, and tend to live up to 150 years.

Alignment: Barring peculiar circumstances, Sloths tend toward True Neutral, and often act neutrally and decide what to do as the day unfolds.

Size: Sloths vary slightly in size, but usually stand (bipedal) with a slight hunch at 8’ and stand tall (rarely) at 9’.

Speed: your base walking speed is 20’.

Languages: You can speak common, and one language of your choice. Sloths tend to speak slowly, and often.

Slow Rolling: You tend to move much slower. As a result, your eyes have more time to scan their environment. You have proficiency in the Perception skills based on sight.

Heavy Fur: Your whole body is covered with several inches of thick, unkempt fur. This allows you to occasionally shrug off injury. When you take damage, you can use your reaction to roll a d6, and add your strength modifier to the number rolled and reduce the damage by that total. If you invoke this trait to reduce cold damage, you may also add your constitution modifier to that total. You can use this trait twice between short or long rests.

Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

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