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Our Mission

Stories are the legacy of the human condition. We are as much a product of our flesh and blood ancestors as we are the myths and legends they lived by -- and the ones we create now for ourselves. To be human is to be a story teller.


Community Program. Stories are the DNA of culture and community, and Cingdom Creations has recently developed a relationship with a local community parks and rec center to offer Role Playing Game and story telling programs to youth and adults! Our goal is to nurture and grow this program so that the surrounding community can also be nurtured and grow!

Mental Health Advocacy. Stories are the means by which we ask and answer some of life's most difficult questions! Cingdom Creation's recognizes the value of a good story and hopes to leverage it to foster and celebrate positive emotional and mental health! Our goal is to present stories and RPG content that encourages healthy habits and mindsets through our Cognia setting!

Thank you for visiting, and - as always -

continue to write your story, and be well!

Image by Nong Vang
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