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Updated: Jan 7

“What a creature, the Rahgnithaur. It will be a powerful asset.’ - Desper

Wild Rage

Terrifying, primeval beasts of ancient Cognia, Rahgnithaur are the incarnation of rage that call The Choking Depths their home. Wild Rahgnithaur are more mindful than their domesticated counterparts - that is to say, they are not charged by Desper or those of his legion to target onerionaughts and; therefore, do not blindly attack all which moves. They still stalk The Mind Grove with the ruthlessness that defines their species, but once sated with the rage and anger on which they subsist a wild Rahgnithaur is liable to collect itself back to the choking depths without any further trouble.

Consuming Rage

Rahgnithaur are a necessary evil in the ecosystems of ancient Cognia. Before Desper’s crusade, these huge beasts were numerous and consumed much in their wake. But this was akin to a wolf in a forest. By their presence, these incarnations of rage sowed the elemental precedent for anger in the material planes that connect to Cognia for psychic and conscious energy. It is by their ecology - that their primary prey is the incarnation of gratitude, Grathomores - that human gratefulness in the material planes is kept in check.

Where would life in these material planes be if the apes that would evolve into modern humans did not first temper their gratitude from becoming passiveness? Without the rage that a healthy ecosystem within Cognia maintains, the evolutionary ancestors of all modern life would always be happy with what they had, would never yearn for what they could have, or what they deserved! It is by a healthy rage that we are motivated to fight and protect what is deserved as a product of our good and wise deeds.

A TAR-ible Tyrant

The Choking Depths are home to all manner of negative incarnations - that is, fear, anger, sadness - and, like most other life that calls this place their home, Rahgnithaur are congealed with the thick tar of negative affect.

Rahgnithaur use this tar as fuel for their anger. Their body is covered in the viscous material, and, with the blink of an angry eye, ignite it with raging fire to make their attacks.

A Pathology

Like most systems and biomes that make up Cognia’s ecology, Rahgnithaur were severely disturbed by Desper’s crusade - no other species; in fact, was impacted to a greater extent than the Rahgnithaur.

Desper, in the early phases of his crusade across Cognia, quickly coordinated the dominion of the species. It would seem that he was attracted to their ferocity and unyielding willingness to destroy all that impeded them. The result: Rahgnithaur were brought to heel and deployed as agents of Desper’s rage. This was the start of the fall of Cognia’s natural order.

Rage now runs rampant here, and, as a consequence, does so too in the material plane. Hate is what happens when Rahgnithaur and their role in Cognia are corrupted.

Hate pervades the material realms, and Desper is at the helm of this phenomenon.

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