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Wondrous Wings

Wondrous Item (Arcane Device), very rare

The Wondrous Wings are a fantastical creation, an arcane device reserved for master artificers who have achieved a level of expertise beyond the ordinary.

Crafted through a meticulous six-hour process, these wings demand the skillful touch of an artificer of eighth level or higher, with an intelligence score of 18 or greater, and with proficiency in both tinkerer's and smith's tools. The crafting process requires 2,000 gp worth of metal and a gem containing the soul of a large, flying creature. This magical augmentation transforms ordinary, mundane vehicles into airborne wonders, offering adventurers an unprecedented level of mobility and access to the skies.

Once imbued with the essence of the captured soul, the Wondrous Wings can be bolted and secured to a vehicle costing 1,000 gp or less and with three or fewer arcane conduits. The wings require a dedicated conduit, meaning the conduit that fuels the wings cannot power a vehicles movement or another arcane device.

The attachment process is intricate, requiring 1 minute of concentrated effort and a successful Intelligence check DC of 18. Failure demands an additional minute of concentration and another Intelligence check. If concentration is broken or the check fails three times, the wings are rendered irreparably damaged.

When successfully attached to a vehicle, these wings bestow upon it the gift of flight. The vehicle gains a flight speed equal to its movement speed, as provided by the arcane conduits.

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